Victory Heights

Nestled above Lake City Way and the south branch of Thornton Creek, Victory Heights stretches from NE 98th to NE 125th and from Lake City Way to 15th Ave NE. The Victory Heights Park is a cozy playground with tennis courts next to a cooperative daycare. The adventurous may want to explore the wilds of the south branch of Thornton Creek with access off of 17th Ave NE. Car lots are the dominant feature of the commercial strip along Lake City Way, but there are some interesting Ethiopian shops and restaurants in the commercial strip along 15th Ave.

Bus service includes excellent express routes to downtown Seattle with the 522, 306 & 312 along Lake City Way and 77 along 15th Ave. Good service to UW is available with the 73 on 15th or 372 & 72 on Lake City Way. The 75 provides east-west service between Northgate and Lake City along Northgate Way, while the 41 provides the same service along NE 125th, with express service downtown from the Northgate Transit Center.