Sunset Hill

An upscale neighborhood of Ballard with great views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, Sunset Hill officially runs from NW 85th to the Ship Canal, along 28th Ave NW until 65th and then along 32nd Ave NW to NW 54th. The Sunset Hill Community Association, founded in 1922, is open to any residents from 24th Ave NW to Puget Sound.

With the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks and Carl S. English Botanical Gardens just off the southern boundary, the fabulous views of Puget Sound from the Shilshole Marina and Golden Gardens on the waterfront to Sunset Hill Park up on the ridge, open space and views are the primary characteristic of Sunset Hill. The Eddie Vine Boat Ramp provides a public boat launch next to Golden Gardens. Sunset Hill is served by Adams Elementary, Whitman Middle School and Ballard High School.

Along with serving as the terminus for the Burke Gilman trail, Sunset Hill is connected to downtown by the 17 bus along 28th Ave NW. It is also connected to the UW and Central District by the 48 along NW 85th and by the 44 along NW Market. The 46 goes all the way to Golden Gardens from its start in Fremont.

For real estate searches, Sunset Hill is frequently listed as the community for upscale homes, but be sure to search for Ballard and possibly Loyal Heights as well, since many addresses within Sunset Hill are listed under Ballard instead.