Home to what once may have been the tallest trees in Seattle; the Ravenna neighborhood includes the very residential areas north of Ravenna Park and Ravenna Blvd, as well as the shopping mecca of University Village. Its official boundaries extend 20th & Lake City Way down to NE 45th St and from 35th Ave NE to 15th Ave NE. Third Place Books on 20th & 65th provides an anchor to the small commercial strip along 65th between 20th and 25th. The Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center is in the heart of Ravenna on Ravenna Ave just north of 65th. Eckstein Middle School serves all of the NE Seattle, and Roosevelt High School is just across 15th . The Northeast Branch of the Seattle Public Library is the busiest branch in the city.

The UW is with easy biking distance (or even walking) but there is also excellent bus service with the 65 along 35th, the 71, 72 & 73 routes along 15th and the 372 along 25th. Express service downtown is provided by the 64 & 76 along 65th, or the 306 & 312 at 20th and 85th. The Burke Gilman trail transects the University Village area and Ravenna Blvd is also a designated bike trail between Green Lake and U Village.