Olympic Hills

Another of the Lake City residential neighborhoods, Olympic Hills is normally understood as the residential neighborhood between 15th Ave NE and Lake City Way and from NE 125th to NE 145th. Little Brook Park is a local playground and play area. The Lake City Library and Lake City Service Center are officially within the Olympic Hills boundaries.

Olympic Hills Elementary is in the neighborhood with middle school students served by Eckstein and high school students going to Nathan Hale.

The 306 & 312 express routes serve downtown commuters along Lake City Way (20-25 minutes), while the 77 express route serves downtown commuters along 15th Ave NE (30 minutes). The 308 provides express service downtown along NE 145th. The 64 & 65 provide service to downtown & UW via 30th Ave NE. The 41 connects to Northgate along NE 125th while the 347 & 348 go to Northgate along 15th Ave NE. Access to the UW is provided by the 72 & 372 along Lake City Way (15-20 min) and 73 and 373 along 15th (20-25 min). The 243 goes along 125th to Lake City Way before going to Bellevue via UW.

For Real Estate searches make sure to include Lake City and possibly Jackson Park, Victory Heights or even North City when attempting to locate homes in Olympic Hills.