Home to bucolic meadows and the confluence of the north and south forks of Thornton Creek, Meadowbrook extends from NE 95th to NE 120th between Lake City Way on the west and 35th Ave NE on the east.

The heart of this residential area is the complex of athletic fields around Nathan Hale High School, Jane Addams K-8 and the Meadowbrook Community Center (with indoor pool).

Meadowbrook Pond, the hidden gem of the Seattle park system, is just across 35th from the Community Center. (It is actually operated by Seattle Public Utilities, since it is a former sewage treatment center.)

The 306 &312 express busses serve downtown commuters along Lake City Way with the 64 takes the more scenic route along 35th. Access to the UW is provided by the 72 & 372 along Lake City Way and 65 along 35th.