Green Lake

A recreational haven, the Green Lake neighborhood stretches from N 50th St to N 85th St and from I-5 to Aurora.

The lake is a hub of activities with an almost 3-mile walking/biking path, rowing club and community center with indoor pool & gym, playground, and outdoor playing fields along with the Woodland Park baseball and soccer complex just south of the lake.

Along the NE & NW shores of the lake, a variety of small shops and restaurants cater to the sunny day crowds. The Green Lake Public Library is just across from the community center.

Schools include Green Lake Elementary SE of the lake and Daniel Bagley Elementary NW of the lake as well as the Catholic Bishop Blanchett High School.

Several Metro routes serve Aurora Ave, the 16 and 26 buses go directly down town via Wallingford and the 48 goes to the UW.