Named after the long time editor-in-chief of the New York Evening Post, William Cullen Bryant, the heart of the Bryant neighborhood is Bryant Elementary School on NE 60th & 33rd Ave NE. However its western boundary with Ravenna is so fluid the neighborhoods are frequently combined as Ravenna-Bryant and its eastern boundary merges with Hawthorne Hills (officially part of Windermere). The official Seattle designated boundaries include the narrower stretch of 35th Ave NE to 40th Ave NE between NE 65th & NE 75th along with the wider stretch from 35th to 45th between 65th and Sand Point Way. Many residents would consider the eastern boundary to be 25th Ave NE and cede the area east of 40th to Hawthorne Hills.

The Burke Gilman trail makes its final approach to the U village as it goes along the southeastern boundary.