Blue Ridge

Originally an upscale covenanted community for Boeing executives, Blue Ridge offers spectacular views north of the Puget Sound. It consists of 450 homes with restricted access to a private community club with pool, tennis courts, playfields and a private beach nestled between NE 100th and Carkeek Park from 15th Ave NW to Puget Sound. NW Blue Ridge Dr winds through the heart of the neighborhood.

Blue Ridge is served by North Beach Elementary, Whitman Middle School and Ingraham High School.

Blue Ridge is connected to downtown (35-40 min) by the 15 bus along 15thth Ave NW.

For real estate searches, Blue Ridge is normally listed as the community for homes in Blue Ridge proper, but be sure to search for Ballard and North Beach as well, since many addresses in NW Seattle seem to be listed under Ballard instead of the proper community designation.